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for those who have been invited or would like to take on the role of a speaker/presenter at an ICF Poland event

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Please fill in the form so that we can apply towards CCE units (as a Chapter)

1) Date of Educational Offering:

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ACCPPCMCCCurrently pursuing an ICF Credential (after PCC course – ACTP)Not currently pursuing an ICF Credential

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6) How many hours will the educational offering last?

7) Which delivery method will be used ? (only live interaction will be approved no
InpersonTeleclass / PhoneWebinar / Live Web Based

8) Core Competencies and Resource Development. Education in skills that may be useful to a coach is Resource Development; education in using those skills as a coach is Core Competencies.
Please describe the learning objectives and specific subjects that will be covered in this educational offering and the core competencies that are applied.

1. Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards

2. Establishing the Coaching Agreement

3. Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client

4. Coaching Presence

9) What percentage of the educational offering time is devoted to training directly related to ICF Core Competencies (instruction on coaching skills or ethics, or applying technical skills or ethics, or applying technical skills as a coach)?

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